For One Week Beginning 7/20, Get The Boxed Set Of R.S. Guthrie’s “Land” Series – 3 Books For $2.99 + Click To See Book #4’s Cover Reveal

When R.S. Guthrie told me that he was running a promotional on the boxed set of his Sheriff Pruett Mystery Series, I jumped right in to make sure the word spread.

This series has at present three books in its repertoire: Blood Land, Money Land, and Honor Land, and that’s what you’ll be getting in the boxed set for under three dollars. I can’t tell you how much I love these books. If you’re not familiar with R.S. Guthrie’s writing, you will find he’s a Master Wordsmith. Each of his books have pushed me to be a better writer; and, as a reader, each of them have kept me awake at night until I turned the last page.

I asked Rob (R.S.) Guthrie to share with me his answers to a few burning questions I had on the characters, the future of his series and the always amusing “what-if” question. You’ll want to keep on reading because, there’s the cover reveal for the next book in the series at the end!

Thank you, Rob, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to pay me and this blog a visit.

            Wind River and Sublette County, Wyoming, is the setting for your “Land” series. Having lived the majority of your adult life between California and Colorado, what drew you to this place where you now call home?

There is honestly nowhere like it in the world. The other day we met a 45-50 year-old professor from Arizona State University hiking into the Wind River Range. He stood there with 50-lb pack and chatted with us. He spends all his free time in mountain ranges all over the country and world. The only one he returns to every year is the Wind River Range. You could see the love–the reverence—for the area in the glint of his eyes and hear it in the timbre of his voice. The people and the country here are like none other I’ve ever encountered. It is a truly special place.

Did any one person inspire you to create the character of Sheriff James Pruett?

No, he is definitely an amalgamation of the grit and honor and compassion and courage and camaraderie and spirit and outright determination of the people who pioneered this land and those who continue to defend and love her as if Wyoming and the Wind River Valley were children raised in their care. Pruett represents the indomitable, incredible character I see in the people of this pristine “God’s Country” every day. 

Living in Sublette County yourself, have you met the Sheriff and do you know whether they’ve read any of your books?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and so many of my stories come from incredible events I’ve lived through here. The actual office of Sheriff, however, is more of an elected, administrative “overseer” position that changes with the election cycles. The deputies are the real unsung heroes, which is why I make them also very important in character depth and involvement in the stories. As far as them reading my books, I try not to press the matter. The usual response is a big smile and then a smattering of verbal cow, uh, dung, as is the Wyoming way of showing affection.

Even though I’ve read every book in the series, I’m so excited to really get to know what made the man behind the Sheriff’s badge in the upcoming book, Promise Land. When can we expect that release?

The planned release is Friday August 17th. When there is a pre-order date we can update it here. As a pre-sale offering, beginning Friday July 20th and running for one week, I’m dropping the boxed set price (all three of the existing books) over 70% from $9.99 to $2.99! Less than a buck a book! I figured it would be a nice way for folks to catch up on the series if they haven’t read it yet.

How many books do you foresee in the series? Any spinoffs?

I don’t see the Sheriff Pruett series going away any time soon. However, Pruett’s daughter, Wendy, when we last saw her, was becoming a lawyer. So I’m just sayin’, you might see her carrying on the family tradition of law enforcement in some interesting ways!

Sheriff Pruett is such a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional character. With all that going for him, do you think there’s still room for him to grow or, will you let the world grow around him?

Promise Land, and the next book or two, will definitely be diving deeper into the history that has made James Pruett the man and the sheriff he is. As we all know, sometimes we can form parts of our world, but often the world decides its own (and our) fate. There is a saying, “Sometimes you get the bear; sometimes the bear gets you.” In Wyoming, you don’t get the bear. Not unless you’re Sheriff James Pruett. 😉

            Last question: You’ve planned a day out on Fremont Lake and are at the Bait and Tackle shop getting a few last things to take with you. There’s a firm hand placed on your shoulder.  You turn, and it’s Sheriff Pruett. 

            “Mind if I go with you?” he says. 

            Will this turn out to be a good day or a bad day? 

With Sheriff Pruett along, it’s guaranteed to be one helluva SPECIAL day. Good or bad? That may come down to perspective and circumstance. Things have a way of getting exciting when you hang out with the grizzled old sheriff. Let’s say this: one day, almost certainly, you WILL look back on that day, successful fishing or not, and crack a knowing grin and flash a happy color in your eyes.


Now for the Cover Reveal!

“PROMISE LAND”, Book #4 in the Sheriff James Pruett Mystery Series is coming soon. The book, I’m positive, is going to just as rich, honest, and give a glimpse of the true depth of the man behind the badge as the cover does.  As R.S. Guthrie mentioned, keep your eye out for the pre-order date.

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