Proofreading Services

You’ve finished your book. Yay!! The work’s not over yet, though. You go back and re-read it, making revisions, read it again; heck, when you’re finished, you almost have it memorized. One more read, one more time just to make sure.

Enter Key PublishNext you steel yourself; that magical push of the “Enter” key and BAM. You’re online, live, on an eBook retailer’s site. Time to sit back, relax and wait for the reviews to start pouring in. 

Just as you predict, the emails from your loyal writer friends start filling your mailbox. You smile as you read them, “Great book! Fabulous. Um, do you want me to send you some typos I found?” Wait, WHAT?!

Proofreading. I don’t care how many books you have written – whether it’s your first or one hundred and first, there are going to be typos, timeline hiccups in the story, an incorrect form of tense, improper shifts in POV, or some other type of inconsistency. Nobody can beat out a clean draft. NOBODY. That’s why it’s important to dole it out to someone fresh, preferably an unbiased third-party. No matter whether you have sent it to an Editor or not, a Proofreader will pick up where the Editor leaves off.

If you want a polished work, get it proofread! First impressions are vital in a book’s life. I’m a big fan of the “Click to Look Inside” feature on Amazon; or, “Read Instantly” on Barnes and Noble. No matter how interesting the book may sound or the story begin, nothing will make a reader hit the “x” to close the screen and move on to preview someone else’s book, than to stumble across a typo in the sample. You just lost a buyer of your book, and possibly, all the rest of your books to come after. 

Cost to a writer usually makes the decision on whether to hire an editor and/or a proofreader. If you can only afford one, go with a Proofreader. A good one will make editing suggestions along with catching punctuation, misspellings, and other inconsistencies as I already mentioned. 

Like everything else, a Proofreader’s prices range. Check around. If you’re in need of a Proofreader, I am currently taking on new projects. Contact me about your published or unpublished work. I’d love to work with you; and, I’m fast and affordable. You don’t have to go this alone. Let the reader remember your book for the story it told, not the words it took to tell it.

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