I found him – I don’t remember when or how
I found him – Someone I didn’t even know was missing until now

It was innocent and began with a simple hello
From there our affection was destined to grow

Who knew the turn that it would take
From friendly talk to that language lovers make

My life was full and felt near complete
The days were sunny, the nights so sweet

And then it happened, what I feared the most
I turned around and only found his ghost

An emptiness that wasn’t there before followed
How is it now, I feel so hollow

Before I found him I didn’t know he was there
Before I found him I had not a care

The tears won’t come for I’m not ashamed
But now that he’s gone I’ll never be the same

I found him once that will be enough
I found him and lost him but I’ll be tough.

By Gail Gentry



Title by Stephen Hawkns

I could get lost in his song of tears unshed
The lyrics doomed to repeat in my soul misread

The gulf was just too wide to breach
The lovers’ arms too short of reach

Sweet kiss of memories will you be my lover
And take me home to let my soul recover

Only then can I greet him and hold him tight
Let him know he’s safe tonight

Poem by Trish Gentry

 Thank you for entering the Contest and Congratulations on having your title selected as the winner, Stephen!
A special Thank You to kmsandpoint for checking me on my punctuation



You see the smile across my lips
But do you hear the blood as it slowly drips

This heart is breaking into tiny pieces
It’s beat fading away
To take it’s place is a cold stone
No one cares – I walk alone

A last hope was born and now it lays
To join the others in the deep grave

No light, No more
So I wait my time
Come soon, come quick, oh quiet death
Take from this body it’s last breath

By Gail Gentry

18 Responses to Poetry

  1. kmsandpoint says:

    Love’s Recovery

    (p.s., you probably want to add an apostrophe to lovers arms – lovers’ arms)

  2. Stephen Hawkns says:

    Solitary Solace

  3. Sandra Harlow says:

    Safe passage

  4. Shell says:

    The Aries

  5. Karina says:


  6. Clare Stubbs says:

    Lost Lovers Boundaries

  7. Guess I’m in the wrong time zone. It’s 11:47 here.

  8. Karina says:

    Nice one! Solitary Solace. Beautiful name for a beautiful poem.

  9. Jody says:

    Well congrats! When is next contest?

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