Introducing “Vampire Seduction” by Bestselling Author Fleur Camacho

      The first book I read by Fleur Camacho was “The Edge,” Book 1 of her Ignite Series, and ever since then I have been a fan. The Ignite Series, four books that whisked you into a world of Angels and The Fallen (Angels who had turned away from good), showed the fact that Fleur Camacho was an author who knew how to write within the Paranormal genre.

        I have to admit that when I picked up to read “Vampire Seduction,” Book 1 of “A Dark Hero” Series, that I thought I would miss that paranormal aspect of Angels. If you enjoy reading about them, then you know what I mean – the feel-good, the light, the right vs. not so right. Boy, WAS I WRONG!!! “Vampire Seduction” has me so wrapped up into this new, darker world she has created where not only Vampires exist, but also, Fae, Shifters and Werewolves.  Her writing has been calculating, and woven where all of these creatures, some good and some bad, and, some beyond bad, all have one thing in common: they all want Detrand, the main character of Vampire Seduction to either die, be their King, or … to lay with him. Oh, Yes. Did I mention Fleur knows how to write sexy? Umm, hmmm. In contrast to the last series, when you start to read this one, you realize it never felt so good to be so bad.

        When I asked Fleur Camacho to take a break from her next book in the series to sit and answer some questions, she was kind enough to respond with a “yes.” So, here you are – an introduction to the author behind “Vampire Seduction.”

What made you want to write about vampires?

I had been toying with the idea and after polling my readers, I decided that I definitely wanted to write about vampires. Someone introduced me to the tv series, Taboo, and I fell in love.  Hard. I immediately binge-watched as much as I could and it washed over me.  I was obsessed.  I loved the main character and the idea of him intrigued me.  He was not a good guy.  In fact, by his own admission he’d done terrible, terrible things.  And yet, you can’t help but grow to love him. I looked up interviews of Tom Hardy, who also produced the show, who said that he was intrigued with the idea of creating a lovable anti-hero and my mind wouldn’t let go of this idea.  Tom Hardy had certainly achieved his goal, because I loved James Delany and wait in anticipation of the next series.

Was it easy to switch from Angels to Vampires?

I was worried if I could write a lovable anti-hero but the idea was so intriguing to me and I was so obsessed with this story, I started writing and couldn’t stop.  It was like electricity in my body – a constant buzz no matter what I was doing.  I ate, slept, dreamed and lived Detrand. Then, as I was writing, he began just overshadowing everything and everyone. But, I knew I wanted to include a female character and Detrand just wouldn’t shut up.  Finally I caught of a glimpse of her; she spoke to me and then she took off in my mind and the female character, Adelade, was born.

Do you think you’ll continue to write in series form?

Sometime in my lifetime I would love to write a serious standalone.  Something very different than what I’m used to doing.  My favorite book is Jane Eyre.  And it’s not because of the romance (although, I do love their relationship) but I’m absolutely intrigued by Jane’s progression in life.  She has several opportunities to take the easy way out, but she never does.  And in the end, she is rewarded for it.  I would love to write something like that.  But that’s probably years from now.

Let’s talk about your method of writing. Are you a “pantser” or do you outline?

I do both.  I always start out with an outline but my muse is a rebel and he never follows his marching orders, so I always end up in a different place than where my outline wants to take me.  I’ve learned to trust that because it usually ends up better than what I’d originally outlined.

I know you’re a wife and mother.  Do you find it easy to write among the chaos and noise or wait until everyone is asleep?

I do have an office in my basement but sometimes I find that I write more if I go somewhere, so sometimes I go to my local Panera.  And, yes, I find that sometimes I get more done if I don’t have the distractions at home.  The $250 headphones I bought are worth every penny.

Do you have writing plans after the “Dark Hero” Series?

Right now my plans are to write a shifter trilogy and then another one with witches – so all things supernatural.  I’m also working with two other authors and we’re going to combine worlds, so there will be lots of crossover characters.

Thank you, Fleur! Now, with all new releases, do you have any promos currently in place?

Absolutely! For a limited time, “Vampire Seduction” is priced at $.99. AND, to thank Detrand fans for their awesome support, I made a desktop screensaver for them. If you buy “Vampire Seduction” the first week of its release and email a screenshot of your receipt to, you’ll receive a desktop screensaver for Free! This offer is good July 20 – July 28 only and will expire at midnight EST.

You rock, Fleur! Readers, if you want to get the scoop on Fleur Camacho’s upcoming events and releases and, read pre-release excerpts, sign up for her newsletter here.

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