Not One, But TWO New Novels by Paranormal/Fantasy Author Max Andren


I invite you to step into the world Author Max Andren has built for Dragons, Drampires, Faes and Witches; where whole clans are dying, their essence being drained so that the Drampies may have their immortality. The Dragons are approaching extinction, but then a Phoenix, the one true-blood Dragon spoken of in legends of old, rises from the dead and hope soon spreads amongst the survivors that war is coming to reclaim their honor and rebuild their race.

Charani faces monumental tests to prove to the existing Clans that she is the last, true Phoenix and they must bend the knee of loyalty to her. However, the most difficult hurdle she faces of all, is to first convince herself.

A USA Today Best Selling Author, Max Andren has published not one but two novels back-to-back. Both are so richly woven you feel you are sitting right there beside her main character experiencing the trauma and pain of an abusive life before she is reborn into enlightenment, joy, and POWER.

From Max Andren, she tells a little about her two novels; and, a glimpse into this Author’s life:


Renascent Oil Max Andren


Only through death would her destiny be realized.

Cursed with the ability to hear and feel the pains of lost and tortured souls, Charani is committed to an asylum to cure her of the insanity. After years of heinous therapies, she finally loses the will to live and embraces death. In that moment she is reborn into something ancient and powerful.

Drawn in to a centuries-old war between dragons and drampires, Charani realizes her curse may actually be the gift needed to find the voices of the lost and the Amulet of the Dead, but only if she can learn to harness her ability. If she fails, the cost will be her life and that of her dragon brethren.

The first book, Renascent was featured in a USA Today bestselling anthology.


Coalesce Max Andren

“I was now a full-fledged Phoenix Dragon, but nothing was ever as simple as it would seem and my life was far from simple or mundane.”

She killed an ancient drampire and destroyed the Amulet of the Dead. She released the collective, trapped by dark magic, and together they became One.

Her family is convinced that she is the last true Phoenix Dragon–the dragon spoken about in clan legend and prophecy, but she feels like a fraud! She’s just a little girl thrown away and nothing more.

She will embrace her destiny and unite the fragmented clans at the dragon sanctuary with the help of her chosen family. But nothing is ever as simple as it would seem and her life is far from simple or mundane, especially when drampires are determined to steal their dragon essence to fuel their hijacked immortality.

The Phoenix Dragon Novels are a compelling Urban Fantasy series with dark magic and mythical creatures–about a young woman’s journey to discover who and what she truly is while trying to save the dragon race from extinction. A series about discovering self-worth, the power within, and the love found in friendships and family.


Where did the storyline originate for the first book, Renascent, and did you imagine at that time that Coalesce would soon follow?

Renascent actually started out as a book to introduce my character Cipriano and as a prequel to another series. It was also to be an introduction to Charani, the main character, who was going to appear in another secret book. But once I started writing her story, she took on a life of her own. She had so much to say that I decided to make her story a trilogy and not use her in this other, secret project. Cipriano remains throughout this series too, but he will definitely continue on to the other, original series–Rowan. I have that series loosely plotted out and would LOVE to release it in 2018, but…we will see. I love writing dark stories and this one is filled with dark magic and emotionally dark situations.  

What’s your favorite quote from the series so far and which book does it appear in?

OMG, I couldn’t decide. 0_0

Sidenote from Interviewer: I couldn’t either!

Do you have a favorite all-time book or author which has had an influence on you as a writer?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. She is by far my favorite author. But I’ve read thousands of books and have lots of favorites. JR Ward is one of my favorite urban fantasy/paranormal romance authors

If you could sit down and have a chat with your main character, what advice do you think you’d give her?

Instead of advice, I think I would commend her on her fortitude and willingness to love despite where she had been for a good portion of her life. Her protection and love for Dreah, despite not having a role model to emulate made me cry, as did one particular scene in Renascent and Coalesce.

What was the hardest part of writing Coalesce?

Getting out of my editor head and into the flow state of creative writing.  I suffer from that editing-itis so bad! I honestly have to constantly work on that.

Coalesce ended with such suspense … how soon will its sequel be available?

I’m hoping within 3 months. I didn’t do a preorder this time to allow myself some leeway.

What made you decide to write under a different pen name?

My other series is so very different from The Phoenix Dragon Series. This one is urban fantasy and the other one is an erotic romantic suspense/crime thriller. I wanted to keep the Amazon also boughts and like authors organic and as clean as possible for Max, no man-chest covers!

When you write, do you enjoy quiet or noise; are you organized or is it organized chaos?

Noise, all the way! I always have music playing, as it helps to set the tone and the mood I want to accomplish. I’m super organized in my day job, as a Nurse Anesthetist, but my desk at home is a hot mess!

If you could have one super power/gift of any of your characters, which would it be?

The ability to heal others. That would be the ultimate gift.

What will 2018 hold in store for the fans of Max Andren’s books? And, Paris Andren’s books?

I’m hoping to have “The Phoenix Dragon Novel 03: Everlasting” done within 3 months. I’d love to start my Rowan series, where Cipriano will appear and perhaps Charani too.  I really want to write Violet’s story, my darling little faery.

I’m plotting the next LA Dark Series book for 2018, plus 3 novellas in that series.

I need more hours in my day, like everyone else. LOL

Thank you, Max! It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you and becoming a fan of your writing. If you want to learn more about this author or browse her books, click on the following links:

Paris Andren – Amazon

Max Andren – Amazon

Never Enough Books

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