Guest Author, Micheal Rivers, Is Ready To Party!

I have the great pleasure of welcoming Micheal Rivers to my blog today. Micheal Rivers was one of the first authors I ever followed on Twitter. Between his writing, ghost hunting, making himself so accessible to his fans, his sense of humor and insatiable appetite for shrimp, there’s a lot to love about this guy. Any questions you have about paranormal activity – this is your man.

Micheal RiversMicheal Rivers has authored best-selling reads The Black Witch, Moonlight on the Nantahala, Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores, and Verliege.

His latest book, Appalachia Mountain Folklore has hit the ground running since its release date. I think I was one of the first to grab a copy – I know I certainly bugged him enough on when it would be available for purchase. When I received it in the mail, once I opened what is truly a beautiful cover, I could not put it down until the end. Appalachia Mountain Folklore is the culmination of months and months of investigating, travelling, and research. Micheal Rivers highlights forty of the places he paid a visit to. Ghosts, strange occurrences, and the supernatural, the folklore and actual sightings originate from love stories to revenge. And, I will admit, there were a few that I wish I had read in the light of day rather than the dark of night.

I’ve had Micheal guest here before but wanted to do something a little different this time so I posed a few questions that I wanted to know the answers to and hope you do as well.

Appalachia Mountain Folklore

Appalachia Mountain Folklore

Nice to have you back, Micheal. Appalachia Mountain Folklore is your second non-fiction book. Outside of the technique of writing, do you find one type (fiction vs. non-fiction) more challenging to write than the other?

I find writing fiction to be more challenging but much more enjoyable than writing non-fiction. It is really great to see what can happen when you let your mind run rampant. 

I really enjoyed reading the stories within Appalachia Mountain Folklore and must say, several did have me “spooked”. Do you ever get “spooked” in your investigations? And, do you keep anything on you to ward off evil spirits?

I can’t say I have ever been truly spooked but once and that was in the white house that is featured in Ghost of the North Carolina Shores. That has to be one of the most haunted houses I have ever witnessed. The house burned down a few months ago so I’ll never get to inside again. I keep two items on me when I hunt and both are Native American charms. I don’t know if I believe in evil spirits, but I have seen a few that seemed to have an attitude.

What is your next project?

Currently I am working on three manuscripts. It is the sequel to Moonlight on the Nantahala. The last one is out of my usual genre. It is an action book which I haven’t titled yet. The action book is true to form and I think my readers will like it.

You recently moved to the Chicago area. Are you finding as many ghost hunting adventures as in North Carolina?

 I find those wherever I go. I have already hunted one state property and was invited to hunt some of the other properties they have here. The evidence was great I have to say. I was impressed in the daylight as well as the night hunting. There are dozens of places to hunt here. I am going to try to hunt the Villisca house this summer along with several others.

Your other non-fiction book, “Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores” naturally centers on a lot of the shipwrecks found off the North Carolina coasts. Why do you suppose the Appalachians are so entrenched in folklore and hauntings?

The Native Americans, Cherokee, Crow, Catawba, and a few others had their own stories and then when you add the stories from the European settlers you have a treasure to work with. There appears to be a greater belief and practice of superstitions in the mountains than on the seashore. The people of the mountain regions carry story telling from one generation to the next more than most. I did find that people of the mountains claim to have seen the greater amount of ghosts.

You have quite a few fans out there anxious to see a sequel to The Black Witch. Any plans with that?

 In the Works now. I hope to be finished with it by March. That would be releasing it in April.

As an author who has published both traditional and as Self-Published, what do you find as the advantages and disadvantages to each?

Everything I publish with the traditional publisher has to be written their way. The deadlines can be murderous. That includes the subject matter as well as any pictures they request. There is also a longer wait time for having the book published. With the traditional publisher it is one year from the time it is written to the time it hits the book shelves. With self-pub I can write any subject I wish and have it published much sooner. I have full control over my covers as well. I like the content control more than anything.

You got your beer, your smokes, and your Kindle. Where are you going to kick back at and what will you be cueing up to read?

I really can’t say I would be reading. I am a big movie freak so I would bring up something to bend my thoughts in multiple directions without causing brain damage. I would rather be kicked back by a river somewhere or down by the lighthouse on a warm summer day. I can say I would have a nice large bowl of shrimp on ice to go with that beer.

What can we expect from Micheal Rivers in 2013?

Trish, it’s going to be a hell of a year. I have the three books I have been working on also I will be putting out some blog posts to titillate the senses of a lot of my readers.

Any chance we’ll see a non-fiction book of a collection of stories surrounding the hauntings you’ve personally investigated?

Yes, I am planning on doing a book of that nature. Some of the places have been destroyed and there will be some I am not allowed to use the names or the place, but I will write the story if my lawyer lets me LOL. At this time I cannot say when that will be written, but it covers more than just the United States. Some of these sightings happened before I had any equipment to gather evidence.

How did you gather your research for the stories in Appalachia Mountain Folklore? 

Appalachia Mountain Folklore was tricky at best. I visited all of the sites and interviewed people until they got tired of seeing me. LOL I had a few contact me and wondered if I wanted to use their story or to send me in a direction to get some information I needed. State archives helped quite a bit also.

If you were to throw the perfect New Year’s Eve party, who are you going to invite – alive, dead, or spirit – and will anything special happen at the stroke of Midnight?

That would be a hell of a party. I would invite Custer and put his table in the middle of The Sioux nation. The list of people is long and impressive there is not enough room to put all the names here. The Marx brothers would definitely MC the event. Congress would be waiting tables and world leaders would be working the valet service. I would have all of my favorite bands and I do mean all. We would probably have to rent a stadium somewhere to accommodate all of the guests. I could write a novel just on what happens at this party.

At the stroke of midnight Poe would appear to wish everybody a happy new year. I would have the biggest table there with my closet friends and of course my wife and boxer. On a final note it is a three day party so bring a change of clothes. The food is incredible!!!!!!

P.S. Glenn Starkey bring your party shoes.

I hope you enjoyed Micheal Rivers’ answers as much as I did. Please click on any of the links provided to go get your copy of this and other great books written by Micheal Rivers. Just take what advice I wish I’d given to myself: Read them during the day OR with a lot of lights on at night.

You can also learn more about Micheal Rivers at his website:

Never Enough Books


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10 Responses to Guest Author, Micheal Rivers, Is Ready To Party!

  1. As Micheal knows, he’s one of my faves. Great questions and FINALLY another writer that admits to being a devoted movie fan! It’s like being on vacation while still being immersed in a great story (if you can find one these days). Again, two of my favorite people in on place—hard to complain about that.

  2. Trish, thanks so much for having me on your blog, This was a lot of fun to do. Next time I’ll bring the shrimp!

  3. Wow, this was truly one amazing interview Gail and Micheal. Micheal I am now reading your latest book and I just absolutely love it! Looks like a very busy year for you my friend. I have to say you are also one of my favorite authors and you also inspire authors like myself to push and keep going. Lol, I love the party Micheal! It would be so great to be a part of that. Gail again, loved the interview. Thanks for sharing Micheal Rivers and wishing you the best always!

    Syl Stein

  4. Robin Nolet says:

    This is my first introduction to Michael, but I loved the ghost and folklore aspects of his work. I’m definitely going to follow him and looking forward to reading something-maybe Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores…but with all the lights on!

    • Robin, thanks for stopping by Gail’s fascinating blog to check out the interview. That’s funny you should say that about the lights. I had one reader tell me she had to carry a flashlight (a big one …in her words) with her to take out the trash after reading my novel.

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