I live to write but, I read to live.

Even my favorite places in the world: nestled in the pillows on my couch, stretching out under an umbrella at the beach, or sitting around a campfire listening to the night sounds within the mountains of the Blue Ridge, are made even better by turning the cover to that book and sharing the experience with the likes of Myron Bolitar, Dave Robicheaux, Sheriff Pruett, and Jet.

Usually I’m a fast reader, I want to see that happy ending, be surprised at who-dunnit and why. Admittedly, more times than not the excitement is replaced with disappointment. You have been led into the highs and lows of a story, teased on how it will end, or, the scenario is but a cookie-cutter of so many before it, that you have the ending figured long before you turn that last page. 

I’ve gotten to the point where I search more for authors, than titles, as I scroll through Amazon’s pages, the library, or the book shelves at the Barnes and Noble. Once you find that book you don’t want to put down, I’ll look for more books written by the author and I’m never disappointed until I finish his or her collection, then it’s back to square one.  Who to find next?

One easy way I discovered is by hooking up with other readers on Goodreads. I had heard a lot about it and joined several months ago.  It’s a community made up of readers that love to share their thoughts on books, what they are currently reading, their TBR list. Unlike Amazon, you can leave a rating on a book without leaving a review, which I like.  And there are dozens and dozens of groups you can join. Any genre, topic, or region, there is a group for you.  Discussions are held within the groups, virtual bookshelves filled with the books read or recommended. 

One such group I joined is the Mystery, Crime and Thriller Group. And a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to introduce and recommend my favorite author, R. S. Guthrie, to the Group by way of nominating his recently published BLOOD LAND for the October/November Group Read.  BLOOD LAND by R.S. Guthrie is the first in his “Land” series.  If you haven’t read it, what the heck are you waiting for?? Having read R.S. Guthrie’s previous books, I was excited to see he had started a second series.  I got BLOOD LAND when it came out this summer and have already read it several times. R.S. Guthrie is known for his masterful storytelling, packing and stacking the twists in his books, nuances, descriptions and details so rich that even with a second read it will bring something new you missed before. BLOOD LAND is that story you may read once, but you’ll remember it forever.

On October 14, with the nominations by the various members of the Group having been made, and the votes cast, the announcement was made that BLOOD LAND landed in the NUMBER ONE spot. Congratulations go out to R.S. Guthrie.

If you’re not a member of Goodreads, join! And if you are, and enjoy Mystery, Crimes and Thrillers, join the Group. You’ll see the extraordinary collection of books read in the past and currently being read by the other members. Such notables as James Lee Burke, Harlan Coben, Agatha Christie, John Grisham. And now you can add to that list, R.S. Guthrie.  

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2 Responses to BLOOD LAND by R.S. Guthrie Takes FIRST PLACE, MYSTERY, CRIME & THRILLER, for Oct/Nov Read!

  1. So excited for Rob; Blood Land is truly a masterpiece!

  2. Congratulations! 🙂

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