Are You Ready For “Jet” by Russell Blake? She’s Waiting To Take You On… Not Once But Twice!

I’ve been keeping a secret. A little over two weeks ago, I read Jet, the first book in what is going to be a stellar series containing thrilling action, steamy love scenes, betrayal, deception and non-stop wondering of what the next page will bring. Now I’m considered by my friends to be a trusted confidant. Sometimes it’s easy but then, sometimes, you get news you are busting to let loose. This was one of those times. When I read Jet, I was asked not to tweet about it – yet. Wait for its official release. Was that ever hard to do.  

As soon as I read the book, I was on Amazon posting my review. At least I could “talk” to the author and let him know how I felt about it. Now, Jet HAS officially released and I can talk to YOU about it.

First off, Jet is not only the name of the first book of the series, but also the name of its lead character. Jet, a strong woman who possesses not only inner strength but physical strength. She’s cunning, worldly, and intelligent, but go a little deeper and you will also find a woman who is sensual, full of emotions and hurts and struggles. She’s complex but you get to understand what drives Jet to be the way she is and the author pulls the compassion out of you. Add to it the fact that two pages in, you are witness to one helluva action scene and the author is relentless to the end. From city to city, country to country – he creates a kill or be killed scene one right after the next.

Let’s talk about the author of Jet. RUSSELL BLAKE. I was so impressed with Jet that I begged, cajoled, enticed, bribed…..okay, not any of those things, I just asked (but I would have if I’d had to) to have him be a guest here on my blog. Russell Blake is one of those self-published authors who has “made it”.  He’s respected, has a writing schedule I’d dare anyone to beat, has up to twenty self-published novels – most of which have gone best sellers – and, was named one of the most popular indie authors of 2012. Pretty impressive. Still, with all this I was honest with him as I will be with you: Jet is the first book I’ve read written by him. I generally stay close to the Romance genre but I’d heard so many good things about him I just had to find out if he was “as good as all that.” And yea, he is. I’m now a fan of Russell Blake. I’ve already bought and downloaded five of his other books and have them on my Kindle carousel awaiting their turn. One of those books is Jet II – Betrayal. Russell Blake wanted to have the second book in the Jet series ready when he officially released the first and hallelujah for that. At the end of Jet (#1) he included the first Chapter from Jet II – Betrayal and let me tell you, I only read the one chapter and was hooked.

Since I haven’t read Jet II – Betrayal yet, I asked Russell Blake to provide a synopsis for us:

 JET II – Betrayal

Twenty-eight year old Jet, the former Mossad operative from the eponymous novel JET, must battle insurmountable odds to protect those she loves in a deadly race that stretches from the heartland of Nebraska to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., from the lurid streets of Bangkok to the deadly jungles of Laos and Myanmar. Fans of Kill Bill, The Bourne Trilogy and SALT will be delighted by this roller-coaster of action, intrigue and suspense.

I’m really taken with Russell Blake’s talent. He was able to attract me, the reader, into a genre that is normally outside of her comfort zone, and attract her to the point where, for a whole weekend got absolutely nothing done on her to-do list because she couldn’t turn her Kindle off. Pretty impressive. When asking Russell Blake to guest here, I posed a few questions to help me get to know him and his character, Jet, a little better. I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did. 

I give you, Russell Blake:

1.  Who or what was your inspiration for the main character of Jet? I was actually writing Silver Justice, and I got distracted on Youtube (which happens more than I’d like to admit) and wound up watching a little of Tarentino’s film, Kill Bill. And I remembered back to when it first came out, and how cool I thought the whole over-the-top send-up of the Seventies action movie thing was. I guess that protag stuck in my head, because as I was finishing Silver, I couldn’t get the idea out of my noggin of a completely kick-ass female hero – with issues. A few days after I was done with Silver, I started writing JET.

2. How many books do you see coming out of the Jet series? At least four, possibly five or more. I’m already on to JET 3, and I know I have at least one more I want to get out while the muse is hot.

3. What’s your favorite quote from the book, Jet? Boy, there are so many I am partial to. I can’t really narrow it down to one.

4.  I particularly liked the Monaco scene from the book, Jet.  Did you have a favorite scene and why?  I think the scene where she’s with the old Venezuelan fishing boat captain, and a rogue wave hits, and soaks them both, and for a brief second they share this universal moment of awareness, of kinship. That, and the scene at the cemetery.

5.  You’re sitting at your favorite bar and Jet comes in, sits on the stool beside you and orders a drink. She turns, looks into your eyes…. What’s your opening line going to be? “Let’s go grab a bottle of something really strong, go back to my hot tub, get naked and figure out if we even like each other.” She’d either slug me, or we’d be in the tub within 10 minutes.

6.  What piece of advice would you give to a guy wanting to ask Jet out on a date? Be seriously ready for some complicated stuff – this water runs very, very deep.

7.  Did you have one book or story you liked to read as a child over and over? The Little Prince.

8.  What was the first story about that you ever wrote? The first one I can remember was around second or third grade, I think, and it was a horror story. I’d been reading too much Lovecraft, and the writing horrified my teacher. Blood, guts, horrifying imagery, satanic elements – all the stuff shrinks love to see coming out of a seven or eight year old. And it went downhill from there…

9. Your next storyline involves margaritas, a piñata, clowns, kangaroos and an AK-47.  What’s the title to this book? How did you know? I’m thinking, “Hop Along Kalashnikov in Margaritaville – The Clown Kill” Tasteful.

10. What’s the best rumor you’ve heard about yourself and is it true? That I’m actually a forty year old Vietnamese woman. I won’t say it’s true or not, but then again, I got into a lot of trouble on Facebook for pretending to be a 15 year old girl, so best let some things stay secret. And no, the restraining order expired last year, so bite me.

Thanks, Russell, for being here. Really enjoyed having you! 

If you want to learn more about Russell Blake, you can check him out on Twitter @BlakeBooks; Website; or, on Amazon  Russell Blake, Author

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6 Responses to Are You Ready For “Jet” by Russell Blake? She’s Waiting To Take You On… Not Once But Twice!

  1. rsguthrie says:

    Wow. Two of my favorite writers on the planet in the same place, same time, same Batchannel, even. 😉

    First of all, great synopsis of JET, Gail. What a character, what a book (and soon, series). Second, the interview is one of the best I’ve read this year. Not sure if it was the quality of the questions (bravo), the guest (couldn’t agree more on the Best Indies of 2012), or the clowns (speaks entirely for itself).

    I’ve had extraordinarily limited Internet access this past week, so I’ve been forced into judicious choices as to what I can read, comment on, etc. As soon as I saw this blog interview, I knew:

    Run from the clowns.

    In all seriousness: bravo to a sterling interview on both sides. I admire you both.

    And I am officially camping out in line for Jet’s second book.

    • Gail Gentry says:

      I’m so glad you liked the interview! I’ve officially had a great year because now I’ve interviewed my two favorite writers, you and Russell. Doesn’t get much better than that 😀

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  3. Thanks so much for the warm words and humbling praise. I’m so glad you enjoyed JET. I think the series is some of the best stuff I’ve written, and I’m very excited as I tap away at forging JET III.

    And Senor Guthrie. Thanks for stopping in. Hope you get back to the internet soon – everyone misses your presence. I saw that your masterful novel Blood Land has been doing well of late. Everyone, if you haven’t read it, you should. And I’m not just sucking up. Much.

  4. Jody Winter says:

    this guy is cool trisha  


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