ChickletsLit Has Received The Versatile Blogger Award and My Nominations Go To …

I was so delighted to open my email and find that Missy Frye had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, Missy! If you get a chance, read her short story on Smashwords, Fool’s Journey.

The Versatile Blogger Award. When I started blogging, one of my goals was to have a little something-something for everyone. I’ve posted recipes, written a couple of short stories, and blogged about my journey into writing my first novel. Through it, I’ve met other great people who have wonderful blogs full of advice, stories, and opinions, and I’m excited to be able to share some of those people with you today.

When given the Award you are to, in turn, nominate and award fifteen blogs/bloggers the Versatile Blogger Award in addition to revealing seven things about yourself.


Seven Things You May Not Already Know About Me:

1. I like watching pretty much all sports on television, football being my favorite.

2. I don’t like crowds.

3. I have always loved reading and as a child after I was made to go to bed, I would sneak my book out from under my pillow and read it by my nightlight.

4. Because of #3 I needed eyeglasses by the time I was 11.

5. I had planned on nursing being my career and even started taking prerequisites in high school for it. Then, when attending an orientation for nursing school, I actually watched a doctor stick a needle in a patient. The plans (and classes) were dropped after that.

6. I twirl my hair and have ever since I can remember. I have two nieces who do the same.

7. I like dreaming but hate sleeping – such a waste of time. (And I dream in color.)


My Fifteen Nominees and the Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

1. R. S. Guthrie writes the blog RobOnWriting . This is a must read blog. R. S. Guthrie dispenses writing advice, offers insightful opinions and does it all with a dose of humor. As soon as I get the email that he has posted a blog, I drop everything I’m doing to go read it. He’s that good. I guarantee you will always come away with a new perspective and valuable information on whatever topic he chooses. After you’re finished reading his blog, hop over to Amazon and get his books – ALL his books. This is one author you’re going to want to have the entire collection on.

2. Micheal Rivers blog is located within his website Micheal Rivers most recent book, Verliege, shows his strength as a writer. I can’t wait to see what he brings next.  His expertise as a real-life ghost hunter is added in to all of his books. I’ve read them. You should too.

3. Scott Morgan has created the blog WriteHook – Write for the Jugular. Use it as a great learning tool.  Scott also offers writer’s workshops and webinars, one of which I’ve attended (The 10 Stages of Escalation). This guy knows his stuff. I’ve watched some of his YouTube videos where he discusses writing techniques. Definitely bring your notepad to take notes.

4. Luke Romyn . Luke Romyn’s blog is one of the first I started following. Located on his website Check it out – you’ll be glad you did. Just like his books are filled with action, so is his blog.

5. Tyr Kieran . I met Tyr when he asked to reblog one of my short stories. He is one of the best supporters of his fellow authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. Tyr is creating his book online. Read it, enjoy it.

6. Amberr Meadows – Amberr’s blog, Like A Bump On A Blog, is the place to go if you want to see the world. She takes you there in her travel blogs and she hosts numerous guests on her blog doling out great advice relating to travel, photography, and any other topic she deems valuable to her readers (and her instincts for that are spot-on).

7. Scott Bury – His blog Written Words is a place you want to frequent. Great writing advice and his book reviews are honest and straightforward. If your book has been reviewed and approved by Scott, you know you’ve arrived.

8. Bert Carson. The title of his blog, Blogging on Life and Writing says it all. You will find some very thoughtful posts there.

9. Eri Nelson. Eri is the creator of the website and magazine Supporting Authors One Read At A Time . She is tireless in putting together the magazine each month and steadfast in her goal of promoting authors. Follow her on Twitter @dearharts.

10. Carole M. Di Tosti. Her blog is indeed versatile and well written. It’s the kind you want to just plug into with a nice cup of coffee and get ready for a good read.

11. Toby W. Neal. Toby lives in that paradise known as Hawaii. Lucky for us her writing brings us to her island in her blog and her books. After you’ve read them, you feel like you know a little bit more than the average tourist. Go pay her a visit and experience the tropical breezes.

12. Nicole H. Cook – She gives the yummy in the tummy recipes on her website The Daily Dish Recipes . As I read her tweets during the day and check out her blog my mouth begins to water.  She makes the gourmet simple and the crockpot simmer.

13. Sydney Aaliyah. Sydney found me through my blog and I’m so glad she did because her blog is fantastic. I always look forward to what she has to say next. I need to thank Sydney as well because she just nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you for that, Sydney!!

14. Sevastian Winters – His blog, Sevastian Winters – Very Much Gooder Author, has essential information on marketing and writing. In fact I’m reading his book now, How I Are Becomed A Very Much Gooder Author, after having it recommended to me by several other well-known authors, and rightfully so. Sevastian Winters shares with us his past experiences and knowledge. If you want to learn how to market yourself (and who doesn’t), pick up a copy.

15. Cinta Garcia. Cinta has a wonderful blog known as Cinta’s Corner. When you read Cinta’s blog, grab a seat and get ready to have a great conversation with a close friend. You’ll sit at her table while she shows you how to make delicious meals or tells you about her life in Spain, and when she’s done, give you a peek into the children’s book she’s writing. She’s captivating.

Please subscribe to all the blogs I’ve listed – and mine if you haven’t already – and then go fill your Kindle up with the books written by these very talented authors. We won’t let you down.


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4 Responses to ChickletsLit Has Received The Versatile Blogger Award and My Nominations Go To …

  1. Once again you humble me with your words. I wish I could think of something humorous to say, but I can’t. That’s how deeply you’ve humbled me. And let me say, the list you compiled (myself notwithstanding) is about as prodigious as I have ever seen. What a list!!! It’s like a Who’s Who of great bloggers and I am honored to be amongst them (cue acceptance speech music, drowning out my drivel)….

    • Hope you noticed the standing ovation from the crowd. If I were to ever really heap all the praise on you and your writing you most certainly deserve, it would be the length of a novella. Thanks for the compliment on the list. I totally agree.

  2. Thank you for including me in your nominations, I am totally grateful. That is quite a list! As you know, I’m unable to pass this along at this time due to work constraints and moving out of state. My blogging and writing is on hold for a while and hope to get back to it in the not too distant future. Keep on writing, blogging, and save me some shrimp!

    • I knew you wouldn’t be able to pass it along but that wasn’t the point – you totally deserve the Award and the list would never be complete without you. Hurry back in. You are sorely missed. In the meantime I’ll hoard the shrimp till your arrival at “da” Beach.

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