Three out of four people listen to it every day.  What is it?  MUSIC, Musique, Musik, Musica.  Whatever language you speak, music breaks through the barrier.  Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Hip Hop/Rap, New Age, Blues, Metal, Christian/Gospel.  Whatever your pleasure, there is a genre for you.

As you might have guessed, I am definitely one of the three out of the four.  I wake up to the radio, I go to work and come home listening to the radio and, most nights, you’ll find me listening to my iPod or iTunes off the computer.  I’m the girl you see in the car next to you singing to the songs (whether she knows the lyrics or not), drumming on the steering wheel.  Of course, my windows will be up so you can’t hear me.  You don’t WANT to hear me.  I once had a cocker spaniel that whenever I sang to her, she would howl.  Yes, unfortunately I’m that bad. Doesn’t stop me.  And, it’s okay to laugh when you see me in the car – I’ll bet you a jukebox I’m in a happier mood than you.

Songs.  They can move you in so many different ways.  From laughter to tears; from slow dancing to sweat-laden club dancing; from a desire to make sensual love or give in to your animal desire to…well, you know – Get It ON. They can inspire or depress.  Lyrics or melodies, or both, can stimulate memories, some good or some not so good.

It’s art.  Songs do what all artists (authors, painters, sculptors) aspire to do – evoke feelings.  No movie, no book trailer, would be worth watching without music to go with it.  They can leave indelible impressions – for life.  Who can replay right off the top of their head, the dire melody from the movie Jaws.  Betcha if you heard that song even sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles, you’re going to get a sense of dread of what lies beneath.  That’s how powerful notes can be.

You would think that with my love for music I would be prolific at playing a musical instrument.  I took three years of piano lessons when I was around 10 years old.  I even have a piano sitting in my living room.  I’m lucky now if I can get out chop sticks.  I have all my old lesson books, the easy-to-play beginner songs.  If I sit down and study the notes I can bang out a mean Old MacDonald but put the sheet music in front of me for Für Elise and I might as well be looking at a foreign language.  I’ll never get rid of that piano, though, simply because of what it represents.

You might have heard there’s a blogging challenge going on now called the “A to Z Challenge”.  While I didn’t participate it has inspired me to present my own A to Z list.  Here for your viewing and listening pleasure are some of my favorite artists and their songs found on my iPod.

A  is for:  Adam Lambert, Aerosmith, Akon, Alan Jackson, Alicia Keys, The All-American Rejects, Asia, Avril Lavigne

B is for: B.O.B. , Band of Horses, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Bette Midler, Billy Joel, Billy Ocean, Billy Squier, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi , Bruno Mars, Bryan Adams

C is for: Carrie Underwood, Casting Crowns , Cher, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Clint Black, Colbie Callat, Coldplay

D is for: Darryl Hall & John Oates, Daughtry , Dave Koz, David Lee Roth, Drake

E is for: Elliott Yamin, Eminem , Enrique Iglasias, Enya

F is for: Flo Rida, Foo Fighters, Foreigner, Foster the People, The Fray

G is for: Garth Brooks, Gary Allan, Genesis, George Strait, Gerry Rafferty, Good Charlotte, Gwen Stafani

H is for: Heart

I is for: INXS

J is for: Jaeson Ma, Jason Derulo, Jay-Z, Jimmy Buffet, John Denver, John Lennon, John Tesh, Journey, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake

K is for: Kansas, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Kesha, Kelly Clarkson, Kenny G, Kenny Loggins, Kings of Leon

L is for: Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Lionel Richie, LMFAO, Lonestar, Lupe Fiasco, Lynyrd Skynyrd

M is for: Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty, Matt Nathanson, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson, Mike Posner, Mindy McCready, More Amor, Muse

N is for: Ne-Yo, Nickelback , No Doubt

O is for: One Republic

P is for: Papa Roach, Paramore, Paul McCartney, Perpetuum Jazzile (while they are strictly a cover group, they’re amazing), Peter Gabriel, Pitbull, Pretty Lights

Q is for: Queen

R is for: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Richard Marx, Rihanna, The Rippingtons, Robert Palmer

S is for: Savage Garden, The Script, Seal, Shinedown , Smokey Robinson, Snow Patrol, Styx, Supertramp, Switchfoot

T is for: Taio Cruz, Taylor Swift, Third Day, .38 Special, Three Dog Night, Tim McGraw, Timbaland, Tina Turner, Tobymac, Trace Adkins, Travit Tritt, Trevor Morgan, Trez Songz

U is for: U2, Usher

V is for: Van Halen

W is for: Whitney Houston, The Wreckers , Wynonna

X is for: Well – There is no “X” on my iPod so I’m going to use this as a Wild Card, err Letter. Gonna go with Barry Manilow

Y is for: Yanni, Yiruma

Z is for: ZZ Top

And so concludes a peek into my music taste. Part of the reason I wanted to share a few of my favorite songs and artists is that some I learned of through friends. I hope I’ve given you a few new favorites today and if you have one you would like to share with me, please do! I’ve got plenty of room left on the iPod.

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10 Responses to HAVE YOU HEARD?

  1. Except Barry Manilow and Yanni, I would say you have excellent taste in music. I am always listening to something or other most parts of the day. If there is no music on, I am notorious for breaking out in song; even at inappropriate times. But, it makes me happy. If Barry Manilow does for you, keep singing. Haha.

    • Thanks Sydney! I do tend to gravitate more towards the rock and hip hop songs but in the right mellow mood, Yanni can hit a home run. And, I didn’t use to be a Barry Manilow fan but I’ve come to appreciate the feelings he imparts with the lyrics. Glad you liked the post 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your music post. I too, love music, and can’t imagine life without it. If you don’t mind, I think I will write about music on my post and how it touches the soul.

  3. R.S. Guthrie says:

    You know this is one of the best blogs I’ve read in a year. Why? It made me SO FREAKING HAPPY. I love music. You’ve articulated my feelings better than I could myself. I love your iPod list. Frankly, it looks an awful lot like MY iPod list…big surprise!

    Great blog. As always, but this one really, really does (excuse the pun) ROCK!!

  4. Rob – You made my day. Being such a master of words, you couldn’t have given me any higher compliment than when you said it was one of the best you’d read in a year. Woot! 😀

  5. That fourth person must be really sad. No music. Actually that’s me sometimes. The older I get the less I listen to … but I still like music. Call me 3.5!

    • I know, right? When I read that statistic, I wondered what does that fourth person do? I’m the complete opposite – I find as I get older I listen more to music. I like the 3.5 remark, though. That’s cute. 🙂

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