TEN REASONS To GET LOST With Author R.S. Guthrie

You’ve seen him around Twitter, read his thought-provoking and informative blog RobOnWriting, heard about his books on Amazon, hopefully have read them all, but what do you really know about the guy who is behind them?

When I heard Rob was going to give away for FREE on  April 9, 10 and 11, his second book LOST in the Detective Bobby Mac series of the Clan of MacAulay I couldn’t resist a chance to promote it. I mean, not only is it a cool title for a book it is a GRAB YOU AND WON’T LET YOU GO KIND OF STORY. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for me and you to find out some of what makes him tick, pick his brain a little to get a bit of sage advice and have a little fun with his great sense of humor.

Thanks, Rob, for being here – especially on such short notice.

1. Tell me about the first story you remember writing or told as a storyteller?

I wrote a story in elementary school about kids that used to hike a train track and got trapped under the bridge when a train went over. My teacher submitted it to some national school competition and it got honorable mention.

2.   Did you have one favorite book that you liked to have read to you as a child?

In second or third grade, when we were really starting to learn to read, we each got a copy of “Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the teacher would read it to us every day while we read along with our eye. I used to LOVE reading that book—I looked forward to it every day.

3.   What one piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to write a book but hasn’t yet started?

Write three or four before you ever consider publishing, but start building up your author name through samples, short stories, and anything else that can showcase your name. Then, when you do finally publish, you’ll have a canon of books right out of the gate. Readers forget Indie writers quicker when they don’t know your name; you want to have as many books out there as possible.

4.   How do you come up with the names for your characters?

I have no repeatable process whatsoever. I just play around with some names, sometimes using surnames from people in my past, sometimes I look up name lists and see which ones seem to fit the character.


5.  Where did the idea for Black Beast come from?

The character (Detective Bobby Mac) was always with me, waiting to be written. The story came to me one day when I was wondering what a modern detective would do if faced with elements of a story (and a history) that defied everything he’d been raised to believe.


6.  You’re meeting your lead character, Detective   Bobby Mac, for a beer after work – what are you guys going to talk about?

He’d be asking me why I don’t write him more love scenes. I’d be asking him to teach me how to be so cool in the face of danger. I’m sure we could reach a mutually beneficial situation.

7.  If you could talk with Bobby Mac’s girlfriend, Amanda Byrne, and give her some warning about Bobby Mac’s personality what would it be?

I’d warn her that he’s got a bit of a complex about her being a better shot than him and that he’s been practicing when she’s not around.

8.  I know you’re working on the final book in the trilogy which I am very excited to read.  When do you expect to have it published?

My plan is to have the third book out by summer. I feel it’s going to be the best book of the three.

9.   You’ve got a margarita in one hand, your Kindle Fire in another.  Where in the world are you going to sit your chair at?

Belize. My sister went there and ever since she described it to me I’ve wanted to spend time there. I also have a friend who bought some land there. Fiji would be a good second choice, though.

10.  You’ve amassed quite a few followers on Twitter, some of whom are pretty loyal.  You’ve decided to treat us all to a trip via train.  Where are we going?  And, are you going to go with us or wave goodbye at the station as we depart? 

Great question. If we’re doing a trip by train we are doing the ride across Colorado through the mountains. It is GORGEOUS and you are right out in the middle of the Rockies. I’d be going with you—it wouldn’t be fun without seeing everyone in the bar car!


If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve read all of Rob’s books.  LOST is a book that you will NOT be able to stop reading until the end – it’s that good. So download L O S T to your Kindle, PC, iPad, or iPhone for FREE while you can. Two clicks and it’s yours!

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5 Responses to TEN REASONS To GET LOST With Author R.S. Guthrie

  1. Austenite78 says:

    Reblogged this on Cinta's Corner and commented:
    If you haven’t read any of R.S. Guthrie’s novels, you are missing some of the best thrillers you would ever read.

  2. Austenite78 says:

    I cannot wait for the summer to read the third book!!!

  3. jlgentry says:

    I’m a fan of Rob’s. Trish, thanks for giving us some time with him.

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