It is with great pleasure that I welcome Micheal Rivers to ChickletsLit today.  I’ve had the honor of calling Micheal my good friend for quite a while now.  Although I have featured other authors on my blog in the past, this is the first time he’s been a guest here and all I have to say is what took you so long to make it over this way?

It couldn’t be better timing. I get the honor of helping him get the word out on his latest release and soon-to-be bestseller, Verliege. Now notwithstanding the fact that I’m a huge fan of Micheal’s, I have to tell you, this author, when he brings you in to the story, he’s not going to let you go until it’s been told. So get ready for a heart-stopping ride. His books always top the charts and already the reviews for Verliege are coming in.

Today, he’s not only going to give us a little teaser on what Verliege is about but he’s also going to impart some excellent advice on what happens after you finish your book. Pay attention and get your notepad – he knows what he’s talking about.

The Kick Off

It is a wonderful feeling whenever you finish a book and it is returned by the editor ready for publishing. My newest release is a paranormal thriller titled Verliege. It is now on the shelf for everyone to enjoy at their leisure.

Verliege; begins as the world of Adrian Bolt is shattered as his wife lay butchered on the floor of Castle Verliege. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. He maintained his silence knowing his story would not be believed. Though his reputation was impeccable there was nobody willing to stand for him. Another world lay in wait for anyone living within the walls of the castle; waiting, watching, for eternity to keep the Mueller name upon its registers. There is only one world here for those who choose to stay. To enter its doors is an invitation you will not soon forget!

I am here today to tell some of our potential writers a little about the next steps to having their book available to readers once they have finished writing the book. This short blog does not cover everything you need to know, but gives you an insight.

You have finished your book, are you ready to introduce it to your readers and the public? No, not by a long shot! There is still a lot of preparation to be done to display your latest work. If you have not already done so your cover art must be complete and ready for the publisher. A small press may do the cover art for you. The publisher, whoever it may be, may require a particular size or adjustment to the fonts, or even a particular file type. These file types can range from a .doc, or PDF, or something far different from that. Your book cover is your best foot forward. It is the introduction to your book and tells people who you are and what you write. A bad cover is a failure to communicate your book to your audience.

Most publishers have a different preference for the downloading of your manuscript to them. Once you have these things in order and the publisher is well satisfied you can submit your manuscript for print. The indie author will usually download his book to CreateSpace for a print copy and Amazon E-books as well as Barnes and Noble and a host of others to promote and sell the book. If you prefer a small press they handle many things for you, but you are still the one who will be responsible whether your book succeeds or not. You may want to shoot for the stars and try to land a contract with the big six. With any publisher you sign with “READ THE FINE PRINT!” Have an attorney to go over the contract and advise you on it! NEVER sign away all of your rights to the publisher! First time contracts should never be for more than three books in the case you are not satisfied with the publisher or they refuse to renegotiate the next contract with them. A good agent will look out for you; you are their bread and butter not the other way around.

This is where the fun begins for Indie or self publishers. While the publisher is taking care of ensuring your book will be available to the public you must begin a campaign to make your book known to the world. Promote, promote, promote! Be prepared to spend some money in an effort to get the new book recognized and an exorbitant amount of time. During your promotion you can create blog tours, book signings, enlist your literary group or groups in a combined effort to sell your name as well as the book. Enlist Twitter, Facebook and anywhere you can get your foot in the door. With the platform you have developed over a period of time you may do well. Without a platform you will have to fight for position to have your book stand out in a crowd.

You can have a lot of fun promoting your book. Do it with a smile and remember not everyone is going to love your work. Best wishes to everyone who loves to write. Thank you Trish for having me with you today and I look forward to reading your book.

Please check out Micheal’s other guest appearances on his blog tour!

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  1. Trish, thanks for hosting my blog tour and I am looking forward to reading your book. Hope this helps some of the new writers coming into the club. I visit your blog often and enjoy the content. Best wishes always.

  2. mac crowne says:

    “Have fun promoting, do it with a smile, and know not everyone will love your work.”

    Words to live by and appreciated by a new author. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with Verliege.

  3. Thank you very much Mac and best of luck to you

  4. Great interview and advice. I keep reminding myself to ask questions about contracts before squealing and signing. (Ha!) It’s easy to get so excited that all-things-numbers flies from the brain…

  5. The first contract always seems to glow when you see the publishers name at the top over your own. Thanks August.

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