One of my favorite authors is running a promotion March 14 and March 15.


R. S. Guthrie has offered up FIVE CHAPTERS out of his novel, BLACK BEAST, for your reading pleasure. BLACK BEAST is the first book in his Clan of MacAulay series. Find out where Bobby Mac started, watch him evolve and learn who he really is and the struggles he face as he walks down a path that’s been predetermined for him. Will evil really win this time?

His second book in the series, L O S T can be found on Amazon. After reading BLACK BEAST, you’ll be able to continue on and see the direction the story takes. Rob Guthrie is a master storyteller. When you think you’ve figured out where he’s leading you within a scene, BAM! bet you didn’t see that coming. He peels the layers of the story back one at a time and you find yourself not being able to read fast enough to see when and what the next layer will reveal.

Rob Guthrie plans on releasing the last book and complete the series sometime this year. Don’t worry, though, the sexy Detective Bobby Mac won’t be retiring. Rob Guthrie has created such a sensational character, the fans want him back and so he shall be returning in a whole new series.  Can’t wait, Rob!


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