And So The Story Goes …

I get the query almost every day, “So how’s the novel coming.” I appreciate so much this community of writers. It’s not a question just to fill 140 characters on Twitter. It’s a question that comes from the heart, backed with genuine concern. A real answer wanted. An unspoken “is there anything I can do to help?”

So here’s my answer. If the novel were a baby, it is at the stage where it’s beginning to learn to walk. I have nailed how to incorporate backstory. My two main characters have met and are learning how to talk to each other. Dialogue. Points of View. Who knew it could be so complicated? Well, it’s not really. Only a writer can understand this: I talk to myself. Out loud. Carry on whole conversations. Why? I’m saying out loud what my characters are saying. Seeing how it sounds. It works. It gets better, though – I crack myself up when they say something funny. I’m a great audience.

So, what’s next? Once I finish the chapter I’m working on, then we start getting into the conflict. The push and pull of a budding relationship. I’m going to learn more about my characters and they’re going to learn more about each other. Subplots will be interwoven. And, I’ll be putting everyone on location to where the story will develop.

I wish I were a lot farther along with the story. I really expected to just sit down and start beating it out. But I’m being gentle with myself, this is after all my first novel. I’m developing my style, a rhythm and my voice. Bring your earmuffs. It’s going to be one loud voice when I’m done with it.

I’ve given myself a goal. I am aiming to have it ready to upload on Amazon by the beginning of summer. It’s a lofty goal but I work better under pressure. I’m fortunate that finding time to write is not a problem. The problem I do have sometimes is finding that inner voice that whispers “I’m ready.” It loves to play hide and seek.

In the meantime, I’m meeting more people, readers and writers, on Twitter; my tribe on Triberr is filled with vastly talented individuals; and, I’ve even joined Pinterest and have a story board going on my page. It’s pretty cool. I’m learning a little bit about marketing and what it’s going to take to get the word out about my book once it’s up on Amazon. Getting it on Amazon is easy. Getting recognized and pushing it up in ranking, a whole other ballpark.

So stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

Until I can get up on Amazon, please visit these authors’ Amazon pages and download their books. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve read their books. You should too.
R. S. Guthrie
Micheal Rivers

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6 Responses to And So The Story Goes …

  1. It’s relieving when someone else tells their writing process and I can be like “That’s me! That’s totally me!”

    I think more people should read their dialogue out loud too. Sometimes you get a book where the characters are obviously talking in a way no normal human would.

    Anyways, good luck and godspeed, Captain…

  2. Anna Tan says:

    We’ll wait. 🙂

  3. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with your upcoming novel and thanks for the mention.

  4. jody winter says:

    U surprise me all the time, ur amazing bff! I can’t wait to read my bffs first book! Wow.

  5. Stacey James says:

    You feel the exact way a lot of authors do- you are not alone:) Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted!

  6. I hate when people ask me that question, because I am nowhere near ready.

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