I have had the privilege of being given the nod from Rob Guthrie to receive a Kreativ Blogger Award. First of all, to receive even recognition from such a talented author is reason enough to be happy. To be able to call him a good friend, well, I’m blessed. He’s one of those guys that never meets a stranger, always encouraging and ready to provide a helpful hand to a fellow author. Give it a try and follow him @rsguthrie

When you read his books or short stories, you know this writer is THE REAL DEAL. Just when you finish being amazed by something he wrote, you turn the page and bam, you’re struck by his lightning again.

He has brought together a community of writers who donate part of the proceeds from the sale of their books to their favorite charity. “RABMAD” (Read a Book Make a Difference) Check it out here and support your fellow authors’ efforts to make this world a better place. RABMAD Quite a guy.

If you haven’t read his books yet, do yourself a favor and go to his author page and download EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Then get on his blog and subscribe. You won’t want to miss a single post. Funny, informative, a teacher in the art of writing – you never know what’s coming next, only that it’s going to be good and worth the read.


I’ve seen the Kreativ Blogger Award mentioned by others and often wondered what it means. Now I do. Recognition for writing something that people enjoy reading. Could there be anything better than that?

According to the “Rules” I’m supposed to write Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me and then Nominate Six other bloggers. The nominating is easy. The ten things took me a while to come up with.

#1.  One of my fav things is to call up someone I love on the spur of the moment just to sing Stevie Wonder’s song, “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to them.

#2.  I’ve been in two parades.  One where I marched carrying a flag; the other I was on a float dressed in a skimpy cavewoman costume (think One Million Years, B.C) throwing a football.

#3.  Santa Claus scares the hell out of me.  I think it’s all that hair.

#4.  I love where I live.  Not only is Virginia Beach a military town but a resort town as well.  There’s never a lack for anything to do.

#5.  I’m ambidextrous.

#6.  When I watch the movie Twilight, I can say some of the lines before the actors do.  I’m waiting for this to come in handy one day.

#7.  I once won a trophy for Best Marksman using a rifle.

#8.  I can’t sleep with a closet door open.

#9.  I’ve seen both ghosts and a UFO.

#10.  My favorite charity is The Dream Foundation

If you’re not already, follow these wonderful Bloggers:

@jason_bournesm – Jason is one of my newest twitter friends. Having met him last month. He loves supporting authors and doing interviews. The interviews he writes are really some of the best I’ve seen. There are some days Jason doesn’t feel so great but he pushes through. He’s got passion for what he does and you can tell it when you read his blog.

@lukeromyn – Luke is extremely funny. If you don’t believe me, check out the banter between him and Canadian favorite Claude Bouchard (@ceebee308) any day on Twitter. I finished his book “Blacklisted” a few weeks back. Luke Romyn is an excellent writer. He delivers a great story that’s so realistic, you know it could happen – and probably has. You can get it here Then definitely check out his blog. You’ll come away with a whole new take on a myriad of subjects.

@JAustenWannabe – Maryann Kempher is a really good writer. She’s probably the most determined person I’ve ever seen to get her book out there to agents and editors. She’s motivated. Give her website a hit to preview some of her book and then check out her blog. Pretty awesome.

@TyrKieran – I met Tyr when he approached me about guest posting on his blog. This is another one who is tireless in his support for his fellow authors. Check out his blog where you’ll find him writing his novel online.

@Write_Hook – Scott Morgan is another busy guy. He writes, he proofreads, he edits, and he loves promoting great authors. Even if you’re a seasoned writer, you’ll still learn a thing or two about writing by reading his blog.

@Micheal_Rivers – My good friend and an awesome writer. I’ve read his book “Black Witch”. Awesome read. It’s the kind of book that even though I read it two months ago, I could still tell you the plot and some of the scenes. They are in my mind to stay. Not many authors out there who can plant a seed and have it take root. You can see all his books here Then check out his blog He’s linked up with some pretty good folks.

I could list more, especially all the people I’m connected with in the “We Write” Triberr group. Get in there, find the group and look at the members. All of them deserve a look-see and follow.

Thanks again, Rob.

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2 Responses to Nominations For The KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD

  1. Wow. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any more humble, Trish, you go and double it. Thank you so much. If I live up to half of the nice things you said about me, I will be contented! Great blog, LOVE the 10 things (especially, I think, the Santa Claus knowlege…HO, HO, HO! Your blogger selections are SUPERB. I know them all and they are each GREAT. You rock, lady!

  2. All outstanding writers, and I love learning more about you! Congrats on being awarded!

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