I despise lies and lying.  I believe in the rules:  Let me deal with the truth rather than the hurt of a lie; and, treat others as you would have them treat you.  So, with that said – I have a confession. I do tell a lie about one thing.  Just throwing it out there for all to know.  I will never EVER tell you my age.

It’s my quirk.  My “thing”.  The few people who do know it, know better than to say it out loud.

My niece who lives with me brought up the fact I have a birthday coming up soon.  Then proceeded to tell me, “You’re going to be ___ (fill in the blank) years old.”  “Oh no, I’m not,” I said.  Let me add, yea, she nailed it.  And I know how she got it and I’ve fixed it so that won’t happen again with anyone else.  One night, soon, I’m going to sneak in her room and erase the app she’s got it listed under.  (Amber if you read this…I’m kidding – really)  Okay, that’s a lie.  But it doesn’t count because it relates to my age.

Some people don’t like their age – they’re either too young or too old.  Some are proud of it.  I’m neither.  Age is just a number to me.  It’s not that I’m ashamed of my age – it is what it is, right?  But, what I don’t like is that most people (I won’t say everyone) automatically upon hearing a person’s age, start making assumptions.  Aww, don’t tell me you don’t.  Come on – don’t lie.

You have your demographics for television shows: 20 – 30 year olds watch these programs, 30 – 40 prefer these, etc.  What about music?  18 – 29 year olds listen to these stations, 30 – 40 … So on and so on.

Personally, I love watching sports and True Blood.  I’ve been known to catch an episode or two of JackAss, Punk’d and Dancing with the Stars.  Some days are a Yiruma or Yanni day, most days are an Usher, Eminem and Nickelback day.  And, don’t go screaming to the hills but yes, I like Justin Bieber!  So, tell me – what demographic do I fit in?

If I was to tell you I’m 20 years old.  You’d think man, she’s young.  She can’t know that much about writing yet, much less life.

If I was to tell you I’m 50 years old.  You’d think okay she’s got it together – or should, after all.  That’s more than enough time to experience child rearing, perhaps being a caregiver for a parent.

If I was to tell you I’m 80 years old.  You’d think wow, she better get that novel out in a hurry before the only people that’s going to benefit from its glory is her beneficiaries – and, isn’t it great someone her age is this computer savvy.

So there you have it.  You can wish me a Happy Birthday upon the designated day.  Just don’t ask me my age and I’ll tell you no lie.

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9 Responses to I HAVE A CONFESSION

  1. I like that. It’s an absence of information, and I think a lot of people are ____ yrs old. Great blog!!!

  2. Kelly Gamble says:

    I find myself lying about my age sometimes, only because I honestly forget! It has just become unimportant to me, and I end up having to subtract (what year is it again?) to come up with the answer. I’m usually close enough.

  3. My math is so bad that during one of those subtractions you mentioned, Kelly, I miscalculated and lost a year. Which was fine til the day I subtracted correctly and saw how OLD I was.

  4. A lot of people say “age is just a number” and “you’re as old as you feel” and “it’s not how many years but what you’ve done with them”. I suppose there is some truth in all of them. The bottom line is: it *should* not matter what your chronological marker is, but who you are and what you do with your life. Cary Grant said in The Bishop’s Wife, “Some people are eternally young, others are born old.”

    Feel free to be whatever age you wish to be Trish.

  5. Haha I’m really not old, yet I have to think how old I am when people ask me too! I’m 29 on my driver’s licence, but in my mind, I’m barely in my twenties. Age doesn’t really represent much besides a number we need in order to find each other on a timeline. That’s about it. I like my age though. I think the numbers look good together. 😉

  6. You and I seem to think a lot alike. First marriage. now lying. i knew you were my kinda gal! I’d rather be slapped in the face than lied to. I’m 31, but I don’t feel it.

  7. zolbg says:

    Amber isn’t the only one that knows the truth! No fear, your secret is safe with me sexy! I used to like my age until I moved to the land of 20 somethings…. Happy Birthday Trish

  8. Nice post. I used to have a thing when I was 20, I’d go on forums and use an avatar and do psychic readings for people. I’d ask them afterwards how old they thought I was. I got anywhere from 30 to 52. And then I’d tell them I was 20. BIG shocker. Less so now that I’m 27 but I still love doing my job and people telling me how young I am. 🙂 Ha, young, but I have responsibility up the wazoo. Cheers and happy birthday!

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