I Found Him

I found him – I don’t remember when or how
I found him – Someone I didn’t even know was missing until now

It was innocent and began with a simple hello
From there our affection was destined to grow

Who knew the turn that it would take
From friendly talk to that language lovers make

My life was full and felt near complete
The days were sunny, the nights so sweet

And then it happened, what I feared the most
I turned around and only found his ghost

An emptiness that wasn’t there before followed
How is it now, I feel so hollow

Before I found him I didn’t know he was there
Before I found him I had not a care

The tears won’t come for I’m not ashamed
But now that he’s gone I’ll never be the same

I found him once that will be enough
I found him and lost him but I’ll be tough.

By Gail Gentry

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4 Responses to I Found Him

  1. Very nice structure and rhyme. I prefer this type with rhythm and meter.
    Also very poignant. I subscribed to your feed and hope you’ll do the same for my blog. Nice to meet you. Rachael Harrie shows how to add the GFC follower widget and/or networked blogs widget on hers.

  2. Karina Cox says:

    Beautiful, Trish. You have written it so evocatively, I could feel the pain was as real as the joy. Nicely done. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed that tremendously. I also enjoyed the MOB story. How cute that it was an invitation to a birthday. Love your writing style, too. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I wanted to once more. 🙂

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