It’s raining today. I sit at my desk and watch the raindrops play over the foliage and drip down to the ground giving the plants a healthy drink.

I have a small backyard but it’s just the right size for me to tinker in flower beds and it provides enough green grass to walk barefoot in on hot summer days. The temperatures have begun their slow descent and the time is coming for Summer to step aside and make way for Autumn. But today all I see in my mind’s eye is a warm summer day, my hands plowing into the dirt to rid the earth of one more weed; picking a juicy red tomato out of my garden, sitting in the glider reading a book soaking up the Vitamin D.

It was at that point my roommate walked by my desk. She took one look at the same view I had, frowned, and said “what a yucky day” followed by an expletive. I smiled and thought how many people can look at the same thing and each view it from a different angle. It doesn’t mean one is wrong and the other right. It’s that person’s truth, their perception. I’ve been called an optimist, so be it. That’s how I choose to live. There are three ways you can choose to live your life. As a pessimist, an optimist or a realist. Does one perspective change the situation of what you’re facing, or looking at? No – how can it? It is what it is.

So take a look at the pictures and think about your perspective. Do you live your life seeing the clouds and rain or do you look within the picture to find the beauty?

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3 Responses to IT IS WHAT IT IS

  1. Jody says:

    Look within to find the beauty.

  2. Karina says:

    “I smiled and thought how many people can look at the same thing and each view it from a different angle.” So true! I like this post as a reminder to stop and see the beauty in everything around us. Nice!

  3. V.V. Denman says:

    What a coincidence. I took pictures of my morning glories just yesterday. (in my tiny yard). They only just bloomed for the first time this year. The vine had grown all over the place, but they waited to bloom until the drought was past. All the flowers in the yard seem to be breathing a sigh of relief at the cooler temperatures.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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